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emissions.AI & X-PAS

Achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:17

Our proven software solutions help our customers make better use of their data so they can achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations.

emissions.AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution for complex assets to monitor, reduce and control operational emissions, optimise energy use and minimise environmental impact.  Making use of existing data sources and infrastructure, emissions.AI measures and displays in real time the emissions output and intensity from your assets.  A powerful AI engine also dynamically calculates the lowest achievable emissions from your asset at any moment, taking into account the current operating conditions and constraints.

X-PAS™ is a cloud-based AI solution for complex assets to predict threats, prevent system trips and reduce maintenance costs.        



Measure, monitor and visualise comprehensive emissions data down to individual source or emitter
Automatically calculate the lowest achievable emissions (each minute) for any operating mode, configuration or constraint
Auto-detect and discover excess emissions as they occur in real time, pinpoint causes and take action to reduce emissions and dynamically control and optimise energy use
Establish workflows to manage emissions, demonstrate regulatory compliance, achieve stakeholder targets and drive cultural change
Save time and supercharge team productivity with automated analysis, reporting calculations and forecasting capabilities
Reduce carbon (ETS), energy and fuel costs (without CAPEX modifications) while maintaining output targets
Predict and contextualise threats, detect emerging anomalies and anticipate previously unseen failures
Prevent unplanned events, system trips and reactive maintenance, and make faster, better informed decisions and actions
Reduce downtime, losses and maintenance costs and realise value quickly using pre-built modules with codified domain expertise
Gaps in data can be a limitation however we can usually find a solution to this


Areas of Application Oil, gas and energy.
Platform Cloud-based.
Optimisation Optimise energy use and maximise reliability.
Maintenance Reduce maintenance costs.
Environment Monitor, reduce and control operational emissions, optimise energy use, and minimise environmental impact.
Modular Design Pre-built configurable modules and AI-driven tools.
Deployment Our solutions can be offered as a product or service-based.

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About OPEX Group

OPEX Group is a trusted provider of AI solutions for the oil, gas and energy industries. Our proven solutions help our customers to make better use of their data so they can achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations.

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