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Defeating range anxiety

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February 22 2024

Imagine an electric vehicle with no range limit. Charge it when possible, drive it the rest of the time. Impossible? Guess again!

The Emoss EVER-technology lets you charge while you’re driving with our range extender, significantly extending the range of your electric vehicle. Never worry about your range again. We’ll make sure you’ll keep your promises. We’ll keep you going for EVER!

Pros & Limitations
No range limit
Zero-emission solution
Gross combination mass up to 50.000 kg
Convert any brand
High investment costs
Specification Title Specification Description
From 100 km range till unlimited range with a ‘range-extender’.
Areas of Application
Boats, rigid-trucks, semi-tractors, buses and big machinery.
Certifications / licences
Electromagnetic compatibility testing and single vehicle approval.
Electric heating and electric airconditioning.
Implementation time
Implementation within 2 weeks.
No maintenance
85km/h nominal


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Emoss Mobile Systems produces complete electric powertrains for trucks, buses and heavy equipment. Emoss strives for sustainability and uses only high-quality components to ensure a long service life. The equipment and software are extensively tested, resulting in reliable products.

From their production facility in Oosterhout, Emoss designs, develops and assembles their innovative systems. Years of experience in electric mobility and various manufacturers of electric components and batteries, result in the highest standard in electric drivelines.

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