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eDNA frontiers

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Environmental DNA | Biomonitoring Solutions

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May 8 2023

A rapidly emerging technology transforming how biodiversity audits are done in environmental studies. Environmental DNA (eDNA) is ubiquitous in the environment and holds powerful biological information. By applying innovative molecular biological techniques it’s possible to target and identify rare organisms amongst entire communities across taxonomic groups simultaneously. Sampling can be from complex multi-species biological substrates such as water, biofoul, sediment or faecal material thereby removing the need to observe, collect and identify organisms leading to substantial time and money savings.


Provides a rapid and simultaneous assessment of entire communities across taxonomic groups from an environmental sample
Delivers a wealth of information for studies of biodiversity, invasive marine species monitoring, environmental impacts, ecosystem health, food web dynamics, diet analysis
Uses unique ultra-clean environment for sample preparation – delivers confidence at uniquely low levels
Expertise in isolating and characterising eDNA from oil & gas structures
Uses powerful next generation sequencing with robust bioinformatic algorithms for species matching
No need to observe, collect and identify organisms from location
Broad range of assays; options for general identification, to specific tests for fish, marine mammals, sharks/rays, corals, crustaceans and many more
If species is unknown results will be classified in generic taxonomic units
Cannot provide species abundance measurements


Accuracy Each DNA sample is sequenced and matched to databases leading to confirmed presence, unlike other qPCR methods. Ultra clean laboratory workspace provides unparalleled sensitivity.
Areas of Application Oil and Gas | Environment Impact Assessment | Conservation and Biodiversity | Port Monitoring and Shipping | Invasive Species Detection | Ecology Research
Capacity Multiple levels of instrumental redundancy, cross training and dedicated resources to meet industry demands.
Collaboration eDNA frontiers has a wide research collaboration experience with industry, government and academia, and continues to rapidly expand with a number of clients and partners in Australia and beyond.
Compliance Maintains active biosecurity import permits and approved labs for handling of biological material, from overseas and contaminated areas. Quality Management System in place, with Standard Operating Protocols
Material Encompasses multi-species biological substrates such as water, biofoul, sediment or faecal material.
Reporting Total taxa to the lowest possible taxonomic level, presence/absence, basic statistics. Optional extra analysis of phylogenetic trees, CAP plots, PERMANOVA and more
Speed Analysis time from sample to result is multiple weeks to months depending on sample type and project.
Suitability Generic to specific tests available. Available range of ~20 assays that include general invasive marine species or eukaryote targeting assays, or specific organism targets (eg hard or soft coral assays).

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About eDNA frontiers | Curtin University

A new and exciting venture, eDNA frontiers was launched by Curtin University in 2018 as a commercial shopfront to a broad range of users. This innovative initiative seeks to explore and build upon new environmental DNA (eDNA) technologies developed from within the Trace and Environmental DNA research laboratories.

eDNA frontiers is a dedicated service focused business unit providing biodiversity testing capabilities and industry-driven research to the field.

+61 8 9266 4119
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