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Empowering the planner

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August 4 2023

Systems Navigator has been implementing planning & scheduling solutions since 2003. In 2010 we started the development of our own (web-based) planning & scheduling platform, which was replaced in 2017 by its successor Dropboard.
Leading companies have embraced Dropboard technology to successfully deploy advanced planning & scheduling technology throughout their enterprise. Curious to know more? Please visit our website or contact us through the contact form below.


Dynamic constraints support planners in reducing scheduling errors and KPI metrics shows the impact of changes to the plan
Quickly find the best solution in a complex puzzle
Smart Scheduling technology is the intelligent core of Dropboard
Plan and schedule all supporting resources, share individual plans with your stakeholders
Investigate tank inventory overtime and mitigate product availability risks
Never miss a restriction or rule: direct and real-time feedback to changes to plan
Compare multiple plans to find the best option and understand the impact of different planning input values
Use automated reports to communicate to stakeholders
Understand current performance using KPI dashboards
With Dropboard Technology an internet connection is required


Optimisation Quickly find a solution in a complex puzzle and optimize asset utilization.
Software Use visual planning to reduce errors.
Communication Clear communication with your team and stakeholders.
Integration No exhausting IT project required.
Usability Work on a single integrated plan.

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At Systems Navigator we are passionate about what we do, we test & learn, and we are not afraid to think big. Our everyday work is to help our clients to choose the right direction for their business and make better decisions for their operations. Contact us if you have any questions on simulation, planning, scheduling or digital twins. We believe that together we can create a more efficient world. Our technology predicts the future and helps you to create your own tomorrow. Transform your business with our technology.

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