Drones for tall-structure inspection

Inspect structures faster, easier and more efficiently

Sky Survey uses various Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) of professional quality, aviation certified, with obstacle avoidance sensors and automatic return to home function coupled with GPS.  These systems can carry differing sensors like high resolution photo cameras, 4k video and Infrared sensors to produce insight into the status of material by presenting the data in a structured and useful, yet simple manner to the client.

Video Sky Survey


Safer than traditional inspection methods
Quicker, i.e. more efficient
Building a data base of an object to establish a track record of the status
Inspections can be done while system is still in operation
No on-site repair possible


Accuracy High level visual inspection accuracy possible by ultra optical zoom.
Areas of Application On and Offshore inspections, surveying, mapping, surveillance
Capabilities Inspecting assets including flares, chimney, cooling towers and windturbines and general structural assets; as well visual as thermal/infrared inspections. 3d modelling of assets
Certifications / licences ABS certified
Compliance Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificate, ROC 03/2015 issued by Dutch CAA
In service inspection possible Flare stacks and other objects
Repeatability (multi-)Yearly asset monitoring with objective photo- or video footage
Safety Sky Survey always operates in accordance with client’s safety standards, on top of our own
Working at height Sky Survey makes inspections at height much safer through the use of drones

About Sky Survey

Sky Survey was founded by three specialists in Safety, Aviation and Human Resources to reduce the risks of working at height by employing drones for inspections. We can also help with surveying, mapping, 3D modelling based on drone footage and any other challenge you can think of that might be done safer and more efficient with a drone. The use of drones increases safety and efficiency!

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