Drone Inspection (DU400)

Aerial Inspection of hard to reach assets

The DU400 is specifically designed for inspection of hard to reach metal structures such as flare stacks and power lines.

Our highly experienced inspectors provide you with comprehensive inspection reports based on accurate visual and thermal data. Our repeat inspections will contribute to the increase in your facilities' productivity, quality and safety through an integrated management system, which allows prolonging their life cycles and reducing their maintenance costs while minimising downtime.


We use only the very best industrial UAV equipment, operated by highly skilled and experienced pilots
Minimized downtime
Online inspection
Highest level of health and safety
Subject to rules and regulations specific to a location
Limited access in congested areas


Flexibility Drone inspections can be performed above, next to, below and even within most assets and locations.
Optimisation Critical inspection information in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other remote access methods.
Safety We provide our customers with safer and more efficient inspection solutions.
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Readiness Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Applus RVIS

Applus RVIS provides remote visual inspection services for quality assurance and asset integrity management. We combine inspection expertise with remote technology, artificial intelligence, cameras and various sensors to make inspections safer. We focus on remote inspection solutions that are faster and cheaper than conventional methods. 

Our vision is to eliminate people working in dangerous environments by using remote technology and artificial intelligence. We believe that by improving safety and efficiency of inspections, our clients’ operations become safer and their facilities more profitable.   

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