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Drone Data Acquisition and Processing

High resolution aerial imaging

DroneQuest transforms aerial mapping data into accurate 2D maps and 3D point clouds. Raw RedGreenBlue or InfraRed imagery is seamlessly stitched together to create an orthographic that is ready for analysis. Our machine learning algorithm transforms drone data into meaningful insights. Receive tailored results based on a specific need such as corrosion monitoring, damage assessment or leakages. Multiple sensor payloads allow to capture a wide range of data types to enhance and facilitate the management and maintenance of your asset.


Significant cost reductions for inspection
Reduce risk
Easily monitoring through repeating flights
Low pay loads, restricted fly times
In some countries flying permits are very restricted
Weather dependent


Certifications / licences Competent staff for flying, inspection and data interpretation; ROC “RPAS Operator Certificate”; RPA-L “Remotely Piloted Aircraft-Lisence” - valid in The Netherlands

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About DroneQuest

DroneQuest is a specialized serviceprovider in photographing, filming, measuring and inspecting objects with drones. Creating high resolution photos, using high quality megapixel cameras (100 MP), mounted on different types of drones.