Drilling Planning and Management

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Continuous improvement in drilling

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August 4 2023

CI Drill is a web-based software solution that combines all of the key aspects of performance optimisation. This high level of integration delivers the first truly sustainable approach for continuous improvement in the oil and gas industry.


Instant 24/7 on-line performance analysis
Increased visibility of all aspects of performance
Active contribution of ideas and learnings from users
Extended knowledge sharing
Enhanced data integrity
Secured access to the knowledge base
Requires internet connection for drilling updates


Accuracy One-time data entry eliminates redundant effort and ensures accuracy.
Application Daily drilling reports (DDR) | Time/Activity details | BHA tracking | NPT details | Mud reports | Surveys and pictures | Incident reports
Areas of Application Engineering | Drilling | Geology | Safety | Planning | Management
Preparation Forecasting/look-aheads enhance preparation for upcoming operations.
Reporting Easy on-line access to all daily drilling reports for all authorised personnel.

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CI Drill provides the systems and tools that support active participation in continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation - management, engineering and field. CI Drill provides powerful database capabilities that eliminate the confusion of the many spread-sheets, word processing documents and stand-alone applications that are commonly in use today.

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