Drilling Non- Return Valves

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Drilltools Flapper Safety Valves

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August 4 2023

The DT family of 15k drillstring non return valves (Float / FOSV) incorporate a combination of design features to provide solutions required to address a number of oilfield drilling functions where conventional designs have significant reliability issues and shortfalls. They are designed to meet the needs of today’s drilling environment especially in HPHT and MPD situations where reliable sealing of the drillpipe is required both in downhole situations and for surface well control to provide a safety critical well control barrier in the drill string.


High Spec Drill String Drilling Well Control Valve
Gas Tight
Redundancy of Sealing
Non field redress able due to tight tolerances and cleanliness requirement


Available sizes 8 1/2" | 7" | 4 3/4"
Applicable service Standard Service (AISI 4145) | H2S Service (AISI 4140)
Internal Pressure Below Valve 15,000 psi (Standard Service)
Internal Pressure Body 15,000 psi (Standard Service)
External Pressure (collapse) 15,000 psi (Standard Service)
Tensile Yield 2,700,000 lbs (8 1/2") | 1,619,800 lbs (7") | 620,900 lbs (4 3/4")
Torsional Yield 140,000 ft-lbs (8 1/2") | 67,500 ft-lbs (7") | 17,000 ft-lbs (4 3/4")
Tool OD 8.5" | 7.0" | 4.75"
Tool ID 2.75" | 2.75" | 1.313"
Effective Length without Lock Open Sleeve 68.5" | 68.5" | 65.375"

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Drilltools Ltd is an independent engineering design and development company who specialise in innovative solutions to drilling problems. Founded in 2014 the company has its office and operations base in Aberdeen. The directors of Drilltools have a long track record in oilwell drilling and intervention and carry this experience through into their designs. The focus of design is the improvement of safety and efficiency of drilling operations, especially in more challenging environments. In addition to design and development the company offers operational support for its tools as well as general drilling engineering services.

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