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Bi-spectral solar blind UV-Visible inspection systems

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 01:00

DayCor® technology, in a nutshell, is an encapsulation of Ofil’s proprietary building blocks namely: solar blind filters, UV optics, precise mechanics & electronics and sophisticated algorithms.  Products incorporating this technology feature absolute solar blindness with extended UV detection capabilities of even a single UV photon. On the whole, DayCor® technology enables collecting UV beams, processing and displaying them as meaningful digital images of the complete inspected scene with indications of the UV photons scored.


Extending the life of mature electric grid insulators
Pinpointing electrical faults
Saving on fault investigation duration
Saving on labor cost
Saving on maintenance cost of overhead lines
Revealing design errors during commissioning of lines
Safety – alerting of existing compromised insulation
Safety – nondestructive remote inspection of high voltage equipment
Pinpointing PD on motor/generators/transformers
Applicable as handheld, mounted on vehicles, mounted on helicopters and UAS
Only applicable to medium/high voltage
Requires line of sight


Accuracy Detection of 1 pC from distances of 10-15 meters, with UV-Visible overlay accuracy of less than 1 milliradian.
Areas of Application Electrical utilities, transmission, distribution, substation; HV laboratories; Electrical trains; rotating machine workshops; manufactures of electric grid components.
Certifications / lincenses Sensitivity certificate, ISO 9001-2015; IP 54; CE, IEC.
Inspection UV-Visible bi-spectral imaging of Ultraviolet radiation of corona & arcing.
Asset Management Systems to manage assets and perform predictive maintenance.
Safety Systems that ensure the safe inspection of live ongoing operating electrical systems.

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About Ofil Systems

Ofil is the world-leading manufacturer of optical and digital UV detection and imaging technology. Ofil develops and sells innovative solutions that are being used worldwide to monitor electrical installations and environmental hazards. Our digital inspection systems are indispensable for the diagnosis, prevention and prediction of electrical failures. Our UV polarizing systems are beneficial for the mapping of offshore oil-spill spread and for controlling their cleaning effectiveness.

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