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CRU Rostering and CRU Scheduling

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Maximising the most of every day

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March 14 2023

Cru Software has helped provide resource and workforce management for many businesses, allowing them to manage and roster thousands of labour hours and make millions of successful workforce scheduling decisions.  Majority of these processes remain manual, spreadsheet driven, disjointed, insecure and unrecognised as a process that when automated and optimised can drive significant change to workforce operational efficiency, culture, production output and safety.

As the industry struggles with worker availability and skill shortages, our software ensures you can roster to capacity and identify gaps before rostering or going to site. Understand the impact before action, and do more with less without jeopardising operators' most important asset - their people. So, even though seemingly insignificant at first glance, innovations within this portion of oil and gas operations can drastically increase productivity levels; allow organisations to stay operational around the clock; decrease disruptions during pandemic or unexpected event periods; improve workplace safety, and offer meaningful insights into organisations own company culture - which will ultimately result in more compliant, balanced and efficient business practices.


Simplify and automate the planning, rostering & scheduling process
Maximise workforce resource utilisation & reduce contractor costs
Schedule maintenance for both long and short term horizons
Improve asset utilisation, uptime, and maintenance effectiveness
Increase effective maintenance time and reduce repeat travel time
Remove manual processes. Schedule & plan with one unified system
Runs in a web browser
Minimal training
ERP Integrations can be complex


Areas of Application Energy | Oil and gas | Mining and metals | Water | Power | General infrastructure
Capabilities Powerful schedule visualisations | Custom fatigue management capability | Optimise long & short term horizons | Master data management & integration | Further lookahead and ability to align activities
OPEX Plan & schedule work to make the best use of available resources | Unify operations and processes across business units, sites and assets, and gain automated operational efficiency
Safety Create alarms/warnings for schedulers when there is a breach of fatigue management rules, ensuring the safety of all workers and standards are continuously maintained

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About Cru Software

With a firm belief technology can empower businesses to plan with confidence and function efficiently, we developed Cru Software. Our solutions are designed so businesses gain real efficiencies when it comes to their automated rostering system.

With years of experience creating customised software for large scale businesses we’ve gained insights into the challenges they face to efficiently run their teams every day. 

+61 7 3252 0810
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