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Cross-Sector Wastewater re-use Model

Evaluating the investment opportunity

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:18

Our proprietary techno-economic optimization model can evaluate investment opportunities in wastewater infrastructure (such as treatment units, and transport systems), based on water demand profiles from water users (municipalities, industry, agri-sector, nature), and available water sources including wastewater.

The tool facilitates effective stakeholder management and informs policy development in the area of wastewater disposal fees or water pricing systems.

Key benefits for the oil & gas industry is that the tool can determine the best techno-economic solution to ensure supply of the right quality and volumen of water to keep production processes up and running.


The model identifies cost-effective opportunities to achieve or maintain water “security of supply” for operational assets
The model optimizes based on technical feasibility and costs
The model provides transparency in which stakeholders make money and which ones loose money
The model takes into account landscape features like aquifers (for water storage) and wetland systems (for water buffering or treatment)
The algorithm behind the model is proven
The model typically improves the “investment efficiency” by at least 15%
Relevant for assets and projects located in water-stressed regions, or regions that suffer from extreme rainfall and droughts (seasonal variability)
The model requires input from key stakeholders (water users) in the water basin in terms of their water demand profile now and in the future


Areas of Application “Security of supply” of water to operational assets Wastewater management.
Capacity We model actual treatment and pipeline capacities, and the model advises on optimized capacities for new water infrastructure options.
CAPEX Input on CAPEX for different wastewater re-use options is needed.
Collaboration The tool facilitates collaboration between water users in the basin (municipalities, industry, agri-sector, and NGO’s).
Impact Economic and environmental impact | Healthy investment opportunities combined with healthy ecosystems.
Input We need water demand profiles from the different water users.
Insight The tool provides insights in the technical, economic, social and political impact of different water re-use options.
OPEX Input on OPEX for different wastewater re-use options is needed.
Output The model provides the NPV and ROI of different investment opportunities.
Return on Investment The model typically improves the “investment efficiency” by at least 15%.

Relative Business Impact

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About Frontier Ventures B.V.

Frontier Ventures is a young and innovative company that develops models and technologies to transforms the way communities, industry, and nature co-exist in a water basin. Our background is in the oil & gas industry, and we partner with innovative water technology companies to develop and deploy the technologies into projects. Our focus areas are: cross-sector water-reuse, water technology deployment, investments, nature conservation.

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