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Crimped Mineral Wool

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Combine energy saving with high mechanical strength in tank insulation

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Thursday, March 10, 2022 - 10:30

Crimping fibers inside mineral wool insulation rolls results in a cost-effective energy-saving insulation system for industrial tanks. Long rolls have fewer joints which leads to fewer thermal bridges. Combined with mechanical strength the best solution for industrial tank insulation.


High mechanical resistance (wind)
Flexible & light weight
Fast installation
Fewer joints (thermal bridges)
Increased energy savings compared to traditional insulation
Reduction of CO2-footprint
Reduced heating costs
Suitable for temperatures up to 250 °C (in glass wool)


Certifications / licenses CE Marked according EN 14303 & EUCEB.
Material Crimped Mineral glass wool.
Temperature Up to 250 °C in glass wool products.
Fire rating Mineral wool is incombustible.
Simulation Tools Isover provides comprehensive software tools to calculate energy savings.

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About Isover

Working closely with key sector players, ISOVER has developed a wide range of solutions from industrial pipe insulation to wired mats offering thermal, fire, sound and corrosion protection for any industrial application from power generation to oil & gas and the process industry.

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