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Cosmo Tech Asset

Make the right investment for the right assets at the right time

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:25

Cosmo Tech Asset is a SaaS solution empowering asset managers to make strategic investment decisions for short, medium, and long term operations. Our Enterprise Digital Twin solution enables leaders to build, document, and justify asset related business plans using unprecedented predictive accuracy. They can also assess the value of investments and optimize the portfolio across the organization.


Creation of optimal asset renewal plans and short, medium and long term investment plans
System-oriented simulation enabling cross-silo alignment
Analysis of all casualties thanks to fully detailed simulation results (white box)
Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX according to the constraints in place
Assessment of the effects of maintenance and renewal on equipment condition
Align with the FMECA framework & simulate the variety of the consequences of failures
UX workflows could be improved


CAPEX Built optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure.
Cloud platform Built on scalable cloud technology not just to hold all your complex systems information securely, but to run up powerful simulations simultaneously with any timeframe. Highly secure dedicated environment to store client data for compliance purposes.
Modelling Cosmo Tech Complex System Modeling Language (CoSML) is at the heart of our simulation capacity. Quickly and easily notate real-world heterogeneous and hierarchical systems across multi-scale time and space environments.
Optimization Run unlimited what-if simulation scenarios, get your optimal action plans. Ensure the reliability of your asset investment plan in the face of unexpected events.
Simulation tools Include all aspects of an organization and include diverse, heterogeneous elements such as machines, processes, human resources, finance, risk, CO2 usage...
Software Cosmo Tech’s Enterprise Digital Twin is a new class of software that models and simulates your organization’s demands and constraints at every level.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Optimal

Optimal are physical asset management specialists with domain knowledge on the full asset life cycle, specialising in complex Enterprise Asset Data Management solutions and maintenance/materials strategy development. We take a holistic view on physical asset management and strive to optimise asset performance through its lifecycle whilst ensuring that reliability and integrity are at the heart of asset maintenance strategy. Optimal engage strategic partners to gain access to cutting edge, yet proven technology to ensure we can offer comprehensive solutions tailored to specific client requirements. Optimal and Cosmo Tech have entered into a partnership this year with Optimal acting as an implementation partner and Cosmo Tech as the proprietary owner of the Digital Twin technology.

Optimal and Cosmo Tech have signed a partnership. Optimal will sell and service the Cosmo Tech Solution throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

+44 1224 967 337
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