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Cool Gas Generator

Fire protection for business critical cabinets with space technology

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:29

EXXFIRE™ has developed a fire suppression system based on a worldwide patented gas storage technology called “Cool Gas Generator”. This EXXFIRE technology can protect business critical systems inside enclosures against fire without damaging the hardware. A Cool Gas Generator is like a small solid propellant rocket. This robust technology originated from the European Space Agency program (ESA) which was developed by TNO. The solid propellant is stored as a chemical block inside the generator completely maintenance free. An initiator starts the decomposition of the propellant in order to release the required Nitrogen gas at ambient temperature without any residue. There is no danger of damaging the equipment by the fire suppressant and there are no cleaning costs afterwards. 


Proven space technology, high reliability
Maintenance free gas storage
No engineering
Long lifetime of 10 years
Easy installation
Low output pressure: 5 bar
Ambient temperature
No clean up costs
Larger generators for total flooding expected by 2021


Areas of Application Fire detection and suppression for business critical cabinets or small volumes | Specially for remote locations and offshore
Capabilities Fire protection for closed volumes up to 36m3.
Certifications / licences CE | DMT performance certificate | CNPP performance certificate | EPA SNAP approval | CNPP certified pending | UL (to be expected in 2021)
Compliance NEN-14520 | EN-54/2 | EN54/4 | EN54/20 | Pyrotechnic Directive 2013/29/EU | LVD | EMC | RoHS
Dimension Small and compact system footprint for fire detection and suppression.
Environment Clean Agent Fire Suppressant | EPA/SNAP Approval Halon replacement | No Global Warming | No Ozone Depletion
Flame Spread Object Fire protection is a preventive measure to make sure that flames of a starting fire are not spreading.
Implementation time Easy installation of pre-engineered systems with the lowest possible downtime of the production line.
In-service inspection possible Systems can be tested without powering down the remaining installation.
Smoke developed Aspiration smoke detection for early fire warning and suppression.

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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EXXFIRE won first prize in the Nijenrode Innovation contest in 2011 and received in 2012 an Innovation Credit from the Dutch Government to start developing the first product. In 2012, 18 prototypes with multi criteria sensors and circuit breaker were built and tested successfully. This product is called the EXXFIRE® 50 and can be used on mission critical ICT equipment as first line of defence against fire and overheating. After showing this product to the market the requests came in for a larger system to protect server racks and cabinets. That is how the first production product of EXXFIRE came to life, the EXXFIRE® 1500.

The company now has 10 people employed and is well-capitalized with strong financial partners.

+31 85 4017970
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