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Compact/Inline Separation of Phases

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Enhanced gravity separation for compact process plants

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January 19 2023

A static swirl element induces a spin on the incoming fluid stream, resulting in the formation of a light phase core (e.g. gas or oil) surrounded by the heavier phase. The core is extracted through a separate outlet nozzle. Flow split control between the 2 outlets allows optimisation of the purity of the separated phases. This ensures that a minimum amount of gas remains in the liquid phase, or vice versa, – thus minimizing gas carry-under or liquid carry-over – or a minimum amount of oil remains in the water phase, or vice versa. Likewise, solids may be extracted from a multiphase gas/liquid feedstream.


All types of phase separation: gas, oil, water and solids from a direct wellstream
Phase separation in pipe segments rather than in bulky pressure vessels
Easy to retrofit into existing facilities allowing debottlenecking in mature fields
Weight and space savings allowing slimline production system designs which are particularly attractive for offshore/subsea production facilities
Inline separators have been in operation since 2003 and proven through applications in >100 fields
Partial separation with selectively one clean phase and one phase to be further processed


Areas of Application Oil & gas production facilities with space and weight constraints, such as offshore platforms and subsea systems, or for debottlenecking/retrofitting in late field life or for capacity upgrades in brownfields.
Certifications Designed to pipe design code rather than pressure vessel code, thus requirements for inspection intervals are more relaxed.
Capabilities Significant reduction in weight and deck space, potentially allowing smaller FPSOs, platforms etc.
Cost Significant reduction of capital and operating costs (10-30%).
Flexible Design Lifespan extension of brownfields where and when high gas and water rates restrict oil production; debottlenecking is achieved by retrofitting with inline separator(s) for gas/liquid and/or liquid/liquid.
Subsea Production Enabler for ultra-deepwater processing allowing re-injection of excess gas or water, subsea pumping and lifting etc.

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