Coloured Solar Panels In Any Design

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Renewable Energy with Endless Aesthetic Possibilities

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August 4 2023

The Solar Visuals design BiPV facade module offers an accessible way for property developers, architects, builders, housing corporations, governments and others to create energy neutral buildings. Our revolutionary energy producing façade panels are designed to be integrated seamlessly into the façade surfaces of buildings. Our printing technology allows for a complete freedom of visual coloured design, combined with high performance solar energy production.


Energy generation from the facade without compromising esthetics
Fully customizable solutions that suits any visual style
Power of coloured PV facade material 120-170 Wp/m2
Guarantees and warranties by AGC Glass
Worldwide distribution
Higher investment cost of facade has to be earned from eletricity production
Coloured PV has 5-30% lower energy generation than black PV


field of application mainly as a building facade cladding material
Design/Colour any visual design and colour except metallic
Power Performance 120-170 Wp/m2
maximum size 2m*4m

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Solar Visuals is a solar panel developer, design office and the Dutch sales representative for AGC Active Glass (

AGC Glass Europe’s Active Glass business unit shapes the future of facades with its innovative SunEwat product range, delivering affordable energy-saving façade solutions that do not compromise on design, aesthetics, performance or quality. SunEwat modules comply with nearly zero-energy building requirements, while offering façade designers limitless architectural options.

Solar Visuals developed a patented method for incorporating design visuals and colours into a solar panel with best available performance and aesthetics ratio. The panels are produced by our partners in the AGC Active Glass consortium.

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