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Chairless Chair

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Exoskeleton / Ergoskeleton to improve workers health

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March 14 2023

noonee is the first provider of Wearable Ergonomic Mechanical Devices (WEMD) for industrial use. These wearable, mechanical exoskeletons enable companies to ergonomically equip workplaces that previously required their employees to adopt a posture that was both strenuous and unhealthy in the long term. Together with the industry, noonee developed a passive exoskeleton, the Chairless Chair, contributing to the reduction of physical strain. The Chairless Chair offers the change between standing, sitting and walking within seconds without the need to change the workstation. It allows the worker to temporarily sit in an ergonomically favorable position instead of standing. In doing so, the legs are relieved and a healthy and upright sitting posture is enabled. With the Chairless Chair, work becomes easier and healthier, during the day and during the years.


Enables ergonomic and Healthy workplaces, preventing back-, knee- and joint pain
Flexible - fits every worker and workplace
Comfortable - easily adjustable to fit the users body
Fast and easy - can be put on in less than 30 seconds and taken off in less than 5 seconds
Durable - maintenance free with a long life-span
Not applicable for users under 1.5m


Height Range 1.5 m to 2.0 m
Design and Materials Optimised sizing, fitting, breathable materials and comfort
Installation Time Takes less than 30 sec to put on
Personal Safety Supports posture during work activities than can be done in sitting position
Configuration The Chairless Chair allows you to effortlessly switch between an active sitting, standing, and walking position.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About noonee germany GmbH

Due to our own production in Germany, we guarantee reliable and durable quality ‘Made-in-Germany’. The domestic transport routes are short and therefore do not cause high costs. The ordering process is very flexible at noonee and already a few days after your order the Chairless Chair is on site and ready for use. Noonee is now represented by global sales partners in many parts of Europe, Switzerland, Turkey, North America, China, Japan and South Korea.

+49 71 53 30 77 550
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