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Extends the life of water injection wells and increases overall field production

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May 22 2023

Cascade³ is designed to significantly improve the long-term performance of water injection wells. It provides a unique solution to conventional sand control challenges that can result in a number of negative outcomes, limiting production, and ultimately reducing well life. Cascade³ technology eliminates failure mechanisms, such as water hammer, crossflow, and backflow. A high density of flow control valves mounted within conventional sand screens allows high water injection rates while increasing sand control reliability and maintaining injectivity over time.


Extends water injector life
Improves injectivity and reservoir sweep
Compatible with gravel pack and standalone screen completions
Eliminates crossflow reducing screen erosion
Eliminates backflow and fines movement into the wellbore
Prevents water hammer effects
Maintains longevity of injection
Simple design and installation
Eliminates the need for frequent well clean-outs
High number of valves required to achieve 10,000 BPD per joint


Asset Life Extension By preventing sand production, Cascade³ extends injection well life resulting in more oil production and greater recovery.
Capabilities Allows high water injection rates while increasing sand control reliability and maintaining injectivity over time, without costly re-drills or frequent well clean-outs.
Areas of Application Eliminates issues encountered in injection wells: water hammer effect, crossflow, backflow, impaired injectivity, erosion of completion equipment, sanding of production tubing.
Operating Conditions Up to 10,000 BWPD injection per screen joint at low pressure drop and unit velocities.
Safety Reducing health and safety concerns, when considered against gravel packing.

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