Carmel Corrosion Systems

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Protection through the splash zone

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August 4 2023

Carmel Corrosion Systems (USA) is a wrap-around corrosion protection system, specifically designed for easily on site installation. Pre-fitted wraps are used on risers, subsea pipelines and jetty piles, through the splash zone in offshore and in deep water locations. Single ply wraps are manufactured for regular use, double ply is recommended for heavy duty resistance to floating debris or ice floats.


Very fast installation
Minimal amount of surface preparation
10 years warranty
Watertight barrier preventing oxygenated water from reaching the substrate
Active corrosion inhibitors or biocides are pre-blended
Inspection possible (opening and closing again)
Mechanical resistance to objects
Unique flange provides watertight seal
No installations in Europe yet (until 2019)


Areas of Application Jetty piles, pipelines and risers.
Environment Residual elasticity prevents leaching of the corrosion inhibitor into the environment.
Inspection CCS wraps may be fitted with weight loss coupons or remote corrosion rate monitoring.
Installation Easy one-piece (prefab) installation, saving hours of diver and rigging time. Does not require substrate shot blast preparation.
Protection Mechanical; highly abrasion- and impact-resistant | UV; protected against UV radiation
Repairs The wrap can easily be replaced.
Sizes Diameter: 50 cm ā€“ 300 cm | Length: unlimited


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