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Emptying containers of piece cargo in a smart way

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August 4 2023

Stripping and stuffing containers is not the most pleasant job. Therefore, we developed a smart solution to handle piece cargo in containers. The CargoPicker does this job efficient, fast and eco friendly. And, last but not least it eliminates physical stress for workers to zero!

The CargoPicker is the missing link in internal logistic systems. It is compact, build for maximum flexibility and has a short return on investment time. So, the CargoPicker is suitable to fulfill a wide range of applications.

- Base machine: mini excavator, prepared for the job
- Different grippers dedicated to the goods
- Allround transport unit, provided to move all kind of piece cargo
- Full electric power or hybrid
- Operator friendly by moving whole machine with 2 joysticks


Semi-automatic unloading of piece cargo
Maximum flexibility by smart undercarriage
Picking, dropping, transporting in a continuous process
Universal for all kind of goods
Maximum cargo load of 90 kg per cycle


Modular design Easy to change to a full automatic handling machine in future.
Return on Investment Within 2 years.
Speed One cycle = 90 kg of goods in 8 sec.
Subsidy NL: Green subsidy according to MIA/VAMIL scheme.
Areas of Application Distribution centers | Logistic service providers | Wholesalers in consumer products | Commodities like coffee and cocoa
Capabilities Compact and mobile to move in and out of sea containers.
Cargo handling Useful for handling all piece cargo that can be handled by one person.
Certifications / licences Design registered at Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, nrs. 040997 and 053436.
Connectivity Easy connection to internal transport systems.

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Maproloc Systems is committed to be the best innovator for developing smart logistic systems. All our solutions are based on a proven development process, focussing on all the main keys; market, technology, people and money.

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