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Protect both cargo and deck surfaces

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August 4 2023

Cargo-Grip landing pads are designed to offer a dedicated cargo landing area / zones for heavy marine cargo. These pads will offer protection to both cargo and deck surfaces thus ensuring the integrity of painted treated surfaces. Each pad is constructed from heavy duty polyurethane which offers excellent impact resistance and durable to repeated cargo movements.


Safer cargo handling
Cargo & deck protection
Improved asset integrity
Dedicated landing areas
Reduced maintenance costs
Maximum thickness 200 mm


Application Simply laid on any surface to protect it from the cargo (container, crate, equipment, etc.) being placed on it.
Size Standard sizes available or manufactured to individual dimensional requirements.
Maintenance Easily cleaned using standard washing or power washing procedures.
Surface finish Textured to aid movement, resistance from slipping.
Areas of application Any solid load bearing surface.
Locations Indoor, outdoor, offshore, onshore, sailing vessels.

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SafetyGrip Solutions Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of heavy duty anti-slip safety products. Our unique brand of products are specifically designed to eliminate the hazard of slips and trips in the workplace - whether it be Stairways, Drill Floors Ladders, Walkways, Decks or Ramps we offer the solutions that will keep you on your feet.

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