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Simple and readily-available two-part chemical mixture which allows CO2 capture at low cost

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October 31 2023

An inexpensive and small unit for capturing carbon dioxide that is agile and readily deployable for different applications in heavy industries, food and beverage production, chemical manufacture, medical and construction. The technology encompasses an engineering design and a novel chemical system. The chemical system is encapsulated within a unit which is a two-part solution that is readily manufactured at commercial scales. The chemical system has a longevity between 2 to 5 years depending on the application. There are 2 different designs which are focused on CO2 capture directly from air and industrial processes (pre and post combustion).


Cheap CO2 capture technology from DAC & post-combustion capture (Low operating and capital expenditure)
Small foot print
Rapid rejuvenation of the absorbent, quick recycle time
Commercially available chemical system
Simple and reliable engineering design and system
Versatile and scalable
Requires waste heat with electricity to operate the unit (control systems, fan, actuators, etc)
Requires some level of electrical power to operate the unit
The unit requires to be optimised to the environment that is being deployed at (Phase enveleope - pressure, temperature)


Versatility Modular and therefore users can increase their CO2 capture by purchasing more units
Adaptability Capable of deploying to any site in almost all environments
Operating cost less than US$50 t/day
Installation Only require an electrical point to run the Direct Air Capture unit
Unit Size DAC units are 2.5 x 2.5 x 3m
Maintenance Low maintenance costs
Design Off the shelf simple and efficient engineering design

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