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Patented microalgae photobioreactor technology for point-source CO₂ capture from untreated flue gases

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October 31 2023

Microalgae synthesize food directly from atmospheric CO₂ and water using sunlight, are highly adaptive, and are found in all freshwater and saltwater environments. Carbon BioCapture® technology is unique in that industrial gases require no pre-treatment. Fue gas is diverted via a duct from the stack to the PhotoBioReactor array or “Carbon Farm”.

Unlike other microalgae-based technologies, CBC does not use genetically modified strains. Instead, it selects naturally occurring strains and adapts them to maximize the capture of CO₂ SOx and NOx from flue gases. The oxygen resulting from microalgal photosynthesis is continuously released into the atmosphere. The technology works with process water, freshwater, or saltwater. 


Flue gases need NO pretreatment
Carbon is metabolized into valuable biomass instead of sequestered underground
Only natural strains of microalgae are used: no GMO strains
Natural sunlight, no artificial (electric) light needed
Carbon capture as a service: we build, own, and operate carbon farm; client pays a capture fee per metric ton CO₂
Land area adjacent to stack/chimney required to deploy carbon (capture) farm


Dimensions The proprietary photobioreactor (PBR) is a vertical, 2m tall alveolar 16mm thin panel made of clear acrylic.
Growth Media The growth media (fresh, salt, brackish, or process water) inside is the growth media for the microalgae.
Implementation Industrial gases require no pre-treatment; i.e. it works with “raw gases"
Areas of Application Removes: CO₂ | SOx | NOx | Exhaust Gases
Biomass Output Products Green Hydrogen | Biodiesel | Bio-fertilisers | Biogas | Soil Remediation

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Carbon BioCapture’s business model consists of making fossil fuel-dependent industries more sustainable, by providing cost-effective environmental prevention and mitigation services that capture gaseous and water-borne pollutants through microalgae cultivation.

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