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EHS Software that works the way you do

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August 4 2023

The truth is that your employees care about their health and safety. And if you provide them with the right tools, they will gladly report work hazards and potential risks. You need to engage your employees in the EHS process because you can’t expect health and safety professionals to do all the work. It’s everyone’s job.

We created Capptions to enable everyone in your company to capture health and safety data, so you will have a clear, real-time view on your operations. With our software you will gain the Mobile first workplace instructions, forms, workflows, reports and dashboards around QHSE and related standards (e.g. ISO, VCA) compliance frameworks


Mobile app for the 21st century workplace
Get started in 90 seconds
Pre-built templates available for common QHSE compliance authored by experts
No-code template editor - you customise according to your specific needs
Map your processes, configure your workflow
Engage workfloor professionals
Centralise data
Gain insights
Go 100% paperless
Cloud only - can not be installed on premise


Accessibility Mobile app designed for 21st century workplace use. App available for iOS, Android and web-browser.
Business efficiency Engage workers | Centralize data | Gain insights | Make improvements | No more paper.
Capabilities Workplace instructions, toolboxes, checklists, (work place) inspections, walk arounds, audits, forms, (automated) workflows, PDF-reports, (customisable) dashboards.
Cloud platform No IT involvement needed to get started. Integrations possible through open web API.
Compliance Supports capturing of evidence, enhances (real-time) communication within teams, secures verification of workflows, provides transparency to various stake-holders.
Connectivity Works online AND offline.
Database You own the data. Which you can access using the app, the portal, pdf-downloads, csv-exports AND/OR web-API.
Methodology Kaizen | Deming Cycle | 5S | Six Sigma | Lean manufacturing | ISO High Level Structure.
Return on investment Between 1-12 months.
Security ISO27001, GDPR.

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Our world, safer. Capptions is dedicated to empower 1 Billion professionals to collectively improve their communication & verification for transparency around safety of health & environment.

For further information on our products you can visit our youtube channel.


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