Canned Transfer Pump

Revolutionary hydraulic driven submerged product transfer pump

This Canned pump is specially designed for chemicals and K1 –K3 mineral oils  with a flow from 10 till 1500 m3/h. This pump can be placed next to the tank in the tank pit as mixing, stripping and transfer pump to saves a lot on  piping, expansive manifolds, pump slab, etc.

Due to the hydraulic driven principal the hydraulic power supply can be placed outside the tank pit and build for the maximum amount of simultaneously running of pumps. This combination can save up to 50% on the total CAPEX of a project.

Video - Cost saving Canned hydraulic driven product pump of Tank Revolution


Suitable for ATEX zone 1 in tank pit
Less installed power
Less space needed
No API seal plan needed
CAPEX/OPEX cost saving up to 50%
Hydraulic lines through the tankpit


Areas of Application Storage and chemical plants, new and revamp projects
ATEX certified Yes
Capabilities Chemical and mineral oil transfer, sludge mixing, train/truck loading
Capacity 10 till 1500m3/h
CAPEX High cost saving
Certifications / licences ATEX, ISO 9001:2015
Compliance PGS29, ATEX, API
OPEX Lower OPEX costs
Power Hydraulic driven | Multiple pumps on one powerpack
Product Pumps chemical and mineral oil

About Tank Revolution

Tank Revolution is a specialized company, founded in 2017, due to a strong market demand for more innovative ways to build and operate storage terminals. Our management has extensive project and terminal experience, understands how to meet these demands and can successfully complete a project on time and within budget. 
For this market we developed our own cost saving Canned hydraulic driven submerged product pump that can save up to 50% on CAPEX/OPEX.

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