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Customised cable crane systems for challenging terrain

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April 11 2024

Cable crane systems consist of one or two fixed track ropes, towers, a hauling rope, a winch and a crane unit. This is how cable crane systems work: The crane unit moves on the track rope by releasing or alternatively by tightening the hauling rope with the winch installed at the top or valley station. The crane unit can lift the loads and transport them to any desired position along the track of the system. It is equipped with its own diesel engine and can be easily controlled by the personnel via remote control. The system can be customised for any needs of the customer.

Pros & Limitations
Ability to overcome the most critical and steep sections
Passenger transportation for construction purposes
Quick availability for temporary transport projects
Exact alignment - curves can be followed
Load and unload at any point along the track
Usable at any climatic conditions
Almost totally eliminated environmental impact in critical areas
Cost reduction due to avoidance of road construction
Safe transport without the risk of heavy machinery operating in or passing by critical terrain
Lead time for engineering and installation depends on the level of customisation
Specification Title Specification Description
Application Conditions
Usable in up to 70° steep terrain under any climatic conditions - temperature ranges of -30°C to +50°C.
Areas of Application
Oil and Gas | Bridge Construction | Dam Construction | Mountain Construction Sites | Hydro Power
Environmentally friendly solutions due to the avoidance of road construction and reduced ROW of max. 8 - 16 m.
Safe and precise unloading of the pipes along the track. | Eliminating the need to use heavy machinery in hazardous areas.
Our Cable Cranes Systems are composed by standard elements and customised where necessary. | Planning starts with an exact analysis of the route, the initial situation and the local conditions.
Direct routes prevent miles of pipeline detours. | The use of cable crane systems avoid road construction to the site.


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LCS Cable Cranes is the specialist for difficult terrain, where access is almost impossible. Since 1989, we aim to solve difficult transport tasks in rough terrain. Today, we are one of the world’s leading companies in this field. Our special cable crane systems and winches are simple, cost-effective and environmentally sound transport solutions.

Due to our longstanding experience and our comprehensive know-how, we are one of the leading companies for transport and drive solutions by means of cable crane systems and winches. As diverse as our areas of application are, as important is our detailed project knowledge.

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