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AI assessments for smarter bridge inspections

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Saturday, August 29, 2020 - 20:08

Sobolt, in partnership with Movares, worked to develop a deep-learning bridge inspection application for inspectors and asset managers.

Algorithmic analysis of drone imagery, trained through expert input, offers accurate defect detection reporting. Therefore, BridgeBrains is an ideal combination of 80% Artificial Intelligence + 20% Human Intelligence. This enables timely maintenance and repair decision-making.


Centralized online environment for bridge analysis
Data management and accessibility
Confidence scores are awarded for every prediction based on engineer approved prediction patterns of segmented images
Objective and fast detections to assist remote inspections
Documenting bridge performance over time
Requires expert input to confirm inputs


Accuracy Accuracy, objectivity and time management are enhanced with the assisted inspections using AI
Asset Management The tooling allows for asset management throughout the inspection and over time
Certifications / licences Developed in line with Dutch NEN2767 Condition scoring.
Compatibility This tooling is cloud based and customizable to varied workflos and client needs, thus compatable with many client needs
Inspection Standarize digital bridge inspections, decreasing required time and increasing productivity.
Machine learning The algorithm is always improving and learning awarding it flexibility and adaptability to different cases
Maintenance Maintenance of objects are faciliated witht he input and refined workflow offered by the tool
Modelling Capability for 3D modeling of the bridges enabling interactive asset management.
Monitoring Asset monitoring over time is possible with the cloud based database and comparisons between inspections
Reporting Automated reporting allows for standardized outputs, ease of use and applicability to large projects

Relative Business Impact

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About Sobolt

We generate world-class AI solutions through deep-learning models for sustainable futures. With a strong focus on facilitating climate adaptation and resilience building, our team strives to put the “super” in human action.

With this purpose we use different sources of data, like remote sensing, we can cater solutions to a variety of urban, infrastructural and sustainable sectors.

We work together with decision-makers at every level. Our partners and clients consist of governmental institutions, businesses, and other front runners who strive toward using cutting-edge AI applications for positive impacts.

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