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Eliminating confined space entry

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August 4 2023

Mobile inspection and maintenance robotics is a fast growing industrial market. One of the main advantages of mobile robots is that they can reach locations inaccessible by humans because of size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons. Certified and experienced engineers today enter and “look” at the predefined locations to take pictures for reporting. Beside very expensive organisational issues such as watchmen and ventilation this procedure is very dangerous for the experts. 

In this framework, the BIKE inspection robot has been developed. The BIKE platform is a magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil&gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection.


Ability to climb vertical walls, inside and outside pipe structures
Ability to pass over complex combinations of convex and concave step obstacles
Can be equipped with inspection technology such as pan-tilt cameras or NDT sensors, allowing the operator to use the equipment he already has
With integrated navigation cameras and 3-dimensional position sensors the operator gets precise information about the robots position even in complex environments
Fully remote controlled and equipped with navigation aids (front & rear view cameras and 3D pose view)
Requires trained operators to carry out the inspection with BIKE


Application conditions Can be deployed through a 12” (300mm) man-way | Operation on outside pipe starts at 15″ pipes (400mm)
Areas of Application Confined Space | Elevated Pipes | Corrosion Mapping
Dimension Length: 247mm (9.72") | Width: 190mm (7.48") | Height: 217mm (8.54")
Speed Fully adjustable (-50mm/s ... 50mm/s) or (-2"/s ... 2"/s)
Usability Depending on the task it can be equipped with different modules: UT Module | TZ1 HD | 3D LOC | Digital Camera Carrier | Robotic arm | Coating Option
Weight Without cables & water hoses 9.6kg (21.2lb)

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Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, is an industrial inspection solutions provider and the world leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) ensuring safety, quality and productivity. We combine more than 125 years of experience and a collection of heritage brands including Krautkrämer, phoenix|x-ray, Seifert, Everest and Agfa NDT. Today, hundreds of brands in the automotive, aviation, space exploration, electronics, energy, battery and additive industries trust our technologies. We drive digital transformation through a broad portfolio of award-winning solutions in industrial radiography and computed tomography (CT), remote visual inspection (RVI), ultrasound (UT), eddy current, and robotic inspection. Headquartered in Germany, Waygate Technologies is part of the Digital Solutions segment of Baker Hughes (NASDAQ: BKR). Inspection starts here.


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