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Patented offshore wind cable protection system

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April 11 2024

Our technical and engineering teams have created a unique offshore wind cable protection solution that is designed to provide maximum performance for life of field installations.
The patented fibre-reinforced system mechanically locks to the end connectors removing the need to rely on PU bonding, which is notoriously unpredictable, while providing market-leading strain and stiffness levels that are unachievable using traditional solid PU manufacturing methods. These innovations also contribute to greatly increased fatigue life.
The system provides an increase in axial tension capacity by a factor of two while controlling axial elongation. It also increases bend stiffness by a factor of 1.5 allowing improved control and reduction in the cable’s maximum bend radius within a slimline profile.

Pros & Limitations
Patented fibre-reinforced technology
Ultimate life of field performance
Mechanical locking design
Optimised bending control
Improved axial tension and elongation
Increased long-term creep performance
Slimline profile
Modular design
FibreFlex takes longer to manufacture than standard non-fibre reinforced commodity products but this can be mitigated through early engagement
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of application
Offshore wind installations.
Balmoral offers a range of cable protection systems (CPS) for inter array and export cables for fixed offshore wind installations.
Industry-leading fatigue life, strain and stiffness performance.
Our dedicated renewable energy team, from tendering to technical, manufacturing and testing personnel, is highly experienced and offers fully integrated services.
System Requirement
Our unique and patented CPS solutions predominantly comprise standard dynamic units (SDU’s) that are highly suited for working in dynamic situations.
Undergoing accreditation process.
Improved axial tension | Increased bend stiffness and creep performance | Mechanical locking | Excellent thermal performance.


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Serving the offshore oil & gas and renewables sectors, Balmoral is the acknowledged market innovator for buoyancy, protection and insulation product solutions. Our product range includes drilling and distributed riser buoyancy, thermal insulation, cable protection, bend restrictors, stiffeners and riser protection guards. The company’s purpose-built production facilities, subsea test centre, R&D, experienced HSE, engineering and commercial departments all play their part in delivering safe and successful projects on a global basis.

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