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AXIS Asset Management Software

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Efficient decision-making in one database

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May 11 2023

Managing the asset inspection cycle is a complex task. Inspections produce high volumes of data, which need to be analysed, tracked, reported, and used as inputs for future inspection and maintenance activities. 80% of time is spent organising the inspection data and only 20% of time is actually spent using this data to inform decision making.

Cygnus AXIS software is specifically designed to manage data collection, understand the condition and minimise the risk to critical assets. A customisable superior asset management software that simplifies the asset inspection cycle through a user-friendly dashboard, automated live reports, and refined workflow.


Streamlined workflows reduce the multiple handling of data and allows for informed decisions, saving time and money while maintaining the integrity of each asset
Inspection data is stored in a format that is easy to analyse and trend with a quick and clear overview of the integrity status
Intuitive and user-friendly web interface, quick reporting of inspection results, easy to attach or refer to documents, photos and drawings
Seamless interface to link with existing ERP/CMMS systems such as SAP or Maximo for increased operational performance
The software can be customised to deliver its unique solution for each client
Systematise and digitise the working process for all critical assets – Pressure equipment, PRVs, Tanks, SIS, Lifting Equipment, etc
Practical semi-quantitative RBI methodology
A works management capability where there is easy access to various activities relating to inspection/work orders
Smart filter capability allows the extraction of non-standard data
Difficult to use as a standalone need to be connected to a CMMS


Areas of Application Oil and Gas | Process Facilities | Refineries | Chemical Plants | Utilities | Mining
Automation AXIS systematises and digitises the inspection working process making it reliable and repeatable regardless of who performs the inspection
Capabilities AXIS is a cloud-based software solution for companies who operates in asset intensive industries. It manages the inspection process in a user-friendly way. It allows companies to know the condition and risk of their critical assets.
Connectivity Works online and offline, where there is no connectivity work can be completed and synchronised later
Hosting Either hosted within company’s firewall on virtual machines or available as SaaS
Inspection AXIS has a Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) module to define and document the NII working process. This provides traceability and removes the complexity of the process.
Integration AXIS includes a RESTful API that allows integration with CMMS, Historian, 3D model, etc
Risk Based AXIS has risk based (RBI) modules for pressure equipment, pressure relieving devices (PRDs) and tanks. A risk-based corrosion under insulation (CUI) module.
Usability Very intuitive interface, simple and easy to use with very little training required

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About Cygnus Asset Solutions

We’re a team of engineering consultants offering specialist technical services to industries with high value assets. We help clients increase plant safety, decrease costly downtime and pre-empt repairs and system upgrades before there’s any sign of failure.

Our Services:

Asset Integrity We apply a range of tools to keep high risk assets safe and productive including our proprietary software AXIS.

Maintenance Efficiency & Reliability Engineering We have developed a series of efficiency indicators to measure the performance of your maintenance. Our primary focus is on maintenance efficiency, supported by reliability programs.

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