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Temporary Gel Plug for Zonal Isolation

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November 8 2023

Whether you require zonal isolation or a temporary blocking plug, AXI-Zone can help.

AXI-Zone's simplistic design enables you to maintain pressure control or achieve temporary isolation with ease. This is a pumpable gel that becomes rigid within the well, forming a tight and reliable plug.

It is delivered as two components - a base and a retarder. Both are easily mixed into water or brine using standard equipment, before being pumped into place either via coiled tubing or bullheading.

The retarder dosage can easily be adjusted to suit the delay in setting required.


Cost saving, as it can be deployed without a rig
Deployed using simple mixing equipment and either coiled tubing or bullheading
Can be applied in temperatures up to 175C
Compatible in high salinity environments
Accomodates delays in deployment, as the setting is thermally controlled
Easily broken chemically and flowed back
The surface temperature must be lower than the well temperature


Areas of application Anywhere that zonal isolation or pressure control is required, including workovers, decommissioning and water shut off.
Capabilities Forms a rigid, pressure controlling impermable plug in the well. Can be easily removed chemically.
Compliance REACH Compliant
Cost Significantly reduces cost compared to mechanical plugging by saving on equipment and manpower.
Deployment Easily deployed using standard equipment.
Impact Alternative approach to mechanical plugging
Flexibility Curing time can be easily adjusted to suit the required set times and well conditions

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