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Autonomous Industrial Drone

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Drone-in-a-box solution for inspection, safety and security

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 11:14

Percepto’s solution consists of a weatherproof intelligent-drone with UHD (4K) and thermal (radiometic) camera, a base station for recharging and sheltering the drone and PerceptoCore software suite for flight management, data storage, report management, permissioned team access and computer vision and AI-powered applications.

Schedule and manage autonomous security patrols and inspections while monitoring routines from the cloud management system. The Sparrow drone automatically takes off from the Percepto Base, performs its assigned task, and returns to charge and transfer raw data to cloud storage upon completion of its mission. Launch scheduled routine missions or on-demand to access a live aerial perspective in the event of an emergency or other unplanned event.

Simultaneous RGB and thermal data collection enable advanced data analysis and easy switching between sensors in real-time. Aerial insights are streamed live to personnel and archived for later viewing.

View live and easily navigate previously recorded data to view any specific time and place on site. Temperature measurements and unique alert mechanisms notify personnel of temperature breaches. Computer vision and AI-powered features alert personnel of security and safety risks and other anomalies important to your operation. Routine generation of topography and pile inspection maps allows for improved inventory management.

Data is securely stored for change detection over time to identify issues for preventative maintenance, advanced forecasting of production, and proof of compliance documentation for regulators. Reports are automatically generated and sent to relevant stakeholders.


Consistent & persistent monitoring
Multi-mission drone – use the same drone and operators for a variety of different missions (security, safety, inspection, surveying etc.)
Remote operations (view live video over the cloud from anywhere in the world)
Automation of the entire process – from collection through analysis to insight dissemination (reports)
Real time AI for effective decision making
Historical data analysis
Aerial data system of records — one system, multiple users
Base weight 162 kg can be harder for mobility


Areas of Application Mining | Energy & Industrial Sites | Oil & Gas | Ports & Terminals | Solar Energy
Capabilities Patrol | Detection | Tracking | Emergency Response | Infrastructure Inspection | Gas & Fire Detection
Cloud platform Percepto stores system data in a secure cloud for review and analysis. Higher security encryption is available based on customer requirements.
Compliance Compliance and regulation teams can expand their set of internal validation tools with routine audit flights–ensuring various site aspects are meeting regulatory and corporate standards.
Content The autonomous, weatherproof Sparrow drone | Dual sensor payloads allow for UHD (4k) video | The Percepto Base is an industrial-grade, weatherproof, portable base station | A computer program powered by computer vision and AI, PerceptoCore
Safety Percepto’s autonomous drones increase safety and reduce risk with routine inspection of hard to reach locations, including those in proximity to Hazmat storage–such as gas pipes and tanks.
Security Security teams benefit from additional patrols done by the drone without the need for a pilot. These patrols leverage cutting-edge analytics to detect or track humans and cars both for supervision and intruder detection.
Usability The Percepto Base is an industrial-grade, weatherproof, portable base station | The Sparrow drone is weatherproof

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About Percepto

Percepto’s autonomous drone solution enables consistent and persistent monitoring, surveying and protection of assets at industrial sites around the globe. This is all facilitated by a visionary team based in the US, Australia and Israel, focused on pushing the boundaries of industrial automation.
Percepto has deployed systems across the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia to solve the most critical operational challenges for power plants, solar farms, mines, ports and other industrial and critical infrastructure sites.

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