Automated Radiographic Testing (ART) Crawler

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Advanced inspection tools to check for piping corrosion

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April 11 2024

MISTRAS’ multi-view radiography crawler provides an efficient means to screen insulated piping systems for CUI. Our ART Crawler has been designed to provide unrivalled inspection efficiencies for in-plant and off-site insulated piping.

The ART Crawler utilises a low-voltage X-ray and real-time imaging to screen for CUI at four locations (top, bottom, and sides) of the pipe. The small size and low weight of the Crawler ensures deployment at height via rope access as well as tackling congested pipe racks.

Pros & Limitations
CUI tool utilising x-ray radiation energy and proprietary detectors to image for corrosion in real-time
Solution is robotically controlled and therefore provides a cost-effective method for large scale screening, upwards of a 100m of pipe per day
Decreased risk of radiation exposure, increasing safety measures
Recorded images are digitally stored, providing a long-term, easily traceable, and readily-available record of corrosion
Can be used to identify the presence of water saturation within the insulation material
Fully wireless and weatherproof
Three-axis robotic arm to traverse pipe supports
The ART Crawler is designed to provide an efficient screening tool for CUI and is not primarily designed to provide absolute measurements of remaining wall thickness
Designed for pipe diameters from 2 to 20” insulated
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Oil & Gas Up, Mid and Downstream.
Insulated piping (CUI screening).
Travel speed is circa. 20 secs per meter but realistically 100-200 meters per day.
Working at height
Wireless communication.
"Cost effective solution for large scale screening for internal corrosion and CUI.
In Service inspection
Pipe diameters from 2" to 20" insulated.
4 x 70KV, 12 w X-ray tubes.
4 View CUI inspection.
ATEX certified


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