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Flow remediation specialists

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November 8 2023

A remotely operated hose delivered cleaning technology designed to remove blockages, scale build up, wax formation, corrosion and even concrete from the internals of various onshore and offshore processing systems over an extended reach. Ideally suited for the cleaning of risers, produced water caissons, pipelines etc., prior to UT inspection.


Safer due to operators being remote
Fully enclosed system, leading to no spilled waste
Higher consistency of clean
Greater reach (600m)
Ability to navigate more directional changes
Negotiate T-pieces
More efficient
Less downtime required
Small POB required (Typically 3)
Requires a runway space at least 10m for the system to be deployed


ATEX certified Equipment complies with ATEX zone II.
Capabilities Backed up by track record since 2001.
Certifications / licences DNV, Norsok and ISO accredited. Water jetting association members.
Cloud platform Cloud systems linked via SharePoint.
Compliance ISO 9001 and 14001.
Database CRM systems in place which complies with GDPR regulations.
IP protection Technology has IP/patent coverage.
Maintenance Specialist maintenance personnel and fully documented maintenance records.
Safe operating Remotely operated systems, all personnel hold necessary medicals and offshore certs.

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Pipetech is an independent process system cleaning specialist with bases in Aberdeen, Stavanger and Norwich serving major oil operators and service companies primarily in the UK and Scandinavia. Formed in 2001 Pipetech was acquired in 2014 and forms part of the Ramco Tubulars Group with Aberdeen being the Headquarters.

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