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ANNEA - Predictive maintenance and underperformance detection

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The next-generation predictive maintenance platform

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:37

ANNEA helps renewable energy companies to reduce operation & maintenance costs, optimize operations, and, therefore, make green energy more affordable. Connecting to the existing sensors, we create a digital twin of each machine to perform real-time failure prediction, underperformance detection, and its root causes.

Our solution is based on a combination of physical models, normal behavior models, and data-driven self-learning AI models. This combination enables more reliable and precise forecasts comparing to other solutions in the market.


One-stop maintenance is enabled
Operations are optimised
Unplanned downtime is reduced up to 50%
O&M costs are reduced significantly
Up to 15% better performance
Data acquisition might get complicated and take some time due to the client's data policy and regulations


Areas of Application Wind energy sector (onshore & offshore); Solar energy, Green hydrogen co-production.
Prediction On average 120 days before the failure. | Close to 0% false-positives.
Flexibility Adaptable across the renewable energy sectors. | The dashboard is fully customizable: the variables are shown according to the clients' needs and in the required language.
Software SaaS model.
Asset Life Extension Increased due to the failures predictions and preventions.
Condition Based Maintenance A health index is calculated and shown for each asset together with the maintenance/repair recommendations.
Modelling Cross-modelling approach: a mix of normal behavior models with AI and physical models.
Accessibility Adaptable solution deployment, depending on the client's IT architecture.
Acquisition System Connecting to the sensors that are already installed in the renewable assets.
Deployment Can be done on-premise or client's cloud or ANNEA cloud.

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ANNEA is a young clean-tech German company that operates mainly in the green energy sector. Our team speaks 12 languages in total that allows us to grow internationally quite rapidly. A mix of engineering, IT, and energy industry expertise enables us to deliver the best-in-class failure forecasts and detect underperformance of the assets.

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