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The smart tool for open hole slotted liner production casing tally auto-design

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August 4 2023

AlphaTally is Endla’s open hole slotted liner (OHSL) production casing tally auto-design optimisation tool. AlphaTally is a smart tool which uses a variety of user inputs, including the available inventory and lithological data, to generate optimised casing tallies. AlphaTally takes this complex task and reduces it to a consistent and repeatable operation for an operating company. By simulating and evaluating numerous designs, AlphaTally serves to improve efficiency, isolation, design consistency and inventory management all the while reducing the time needed for completion design.


Reduces employee hours by automating the tally generation process
Improves casing tally design efficiency
Improves interburden isolation
Introduces design consistency to casing tally generation
Allows for consistency in inventory management
Allows for comparison of multiple possible tallies for a single proposed well
Allows comparison of tallies across all wells
Currently tailored to designing open hole slotted liner completions for coal seam gas wells. However, we believe the software with minor modifications would be helpful in designing any barefoot completion.


Business Efficiency AlphaTally increases business efficiency by removing the need for manual design and the associated employee hours.
Data Analysis Tool AlphaTally allows comparison of completion casing tallies both in a single well and across wells.
Implementation Time AlphaTally decreases the amount of time needed to generate a production casing tally through automation. | Creating a casing tally with AlphaTally takes minutes.
Repeatability AlphaTally removes the discrepancy caused by manual completion design.
Accuracy AlphaTally increases casing tally accuracy through calculation of key parameters surrounding the tally.
Automation AlphaTally is an automated process.

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Endla is a software company that solves technically challenging problems in the engineering sector. Our mission is to combine engineering talent and the latest technology to develop the next generation of design and optimisation tools​. Our current ventures are in coal seam gas development, however, we want to see our technologies spread across the totality of the engineering sector.

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