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Reimagining Turnaround, Shutdown, Maintenance & Safety Planning

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April 11 2024

AiSpanner is Next-Gen multidimensional, datacentric Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance and Safety planning application to reduce costs, improve productivity, safety and communication between operators, contractors and sub-contractors using advanced visualisation, analytics and spatial intelligence.   

Building maintenance intelligent twins, by connecting disparate data to planning/scheduling allowing simulation, optimisation of resources, materials, staging, logistics and safety.

Pros & Limitations
Visual analytics allows insightful decision making for complex dynamic maintenance problems
Multi-dimensional planning allows activity movement through space and time to achieve an Optimised plan using simulation
Visualise large number of critical and subcritical tasks, creating clear understanding of complex interrelationships between activities
Access relevant information at the right time, on-demand, real time push or pull information through mobile devices
AiSpanner improves efficiency, quality, and accuracy while lowering risk of health, safety and environment incidents
Legacy data integration
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Turnaround, Shutdown & Safety Planning | Decommissioning Planning
Multiple data sources: Static, Dynamic, Realtime, Planning & 3D fused in a common spatial visual environment
The user interface of the future will be visual, analytical, interactive and adaptive
Embedded safety in design feature, industrial safety standards & on-going safety requirement in an integrated visual analytical environment


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At AiSpanner, we believe there is a better way to do maintenance and safety planning using data, visualisation, spatial intelligence and analytics.

The design phase integrates safety, operability and maintainability generating large amounts of data and knowledge. AiSpanner captures, augments and integrates design data with operational and maintenance data into a single visual, analytical and spatial environment.

We truly believe in the transformative power of single real-time data model to simplify communications, enhanced collaboration, safety, and maintenance planning.

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