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AI Plant Expert

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Reinventing Predictive Maintenance with AI - A Virtual Expert for Plant Operations

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:40

"AI Plant Expert" software is a “Virtual Expert in a Box”, bringing human-like intelligence at scale to minimise failures, inefficiency, and lost productivity in plant operations. With a unique combination of AI, 200+ years of domain knowledge, and self-learning workflows, the solution uses a patented system approach to monitor 100% of the existing equipment, sensor, user feedback, & maintenance data, to continuously learn best practices, predict problems, explain root-cause, and give a prescriptive diagnosis. Results are up to 20% increase in availability, 30% decrease in maintenance costs, 20% increase in productivity with up to 5-10x reduction in false alarms, manual effort, and time to act.


Built-in 1000+ failure modes and recommendations for 100+ equipment types
The only solution that continuously learns best practices and keeps solution up-to-date
System-level models that minimize alarms and help identify causes
High levels of automation that significantly reduces monitoring cost/tag so that you can utilise 100% of data for additional value
Handles both reliability and performance degradation of equipment
Quick deployment and limited resource commitment with out of box functionality
Only requires time-series tag data and asset list for deployment
We do not offer sensors but can bring partners if additional sensors are needed


Accuracy 2X-10x reduction in false-alarms, manual effort, and time to act
Areas of Application Equipment Reliability | Performance | Efficiency
Connectivity Integrates with historian, CMMS systems, and other 3rd party data lakes
Cost Significant reduction of monitoring cost/tag so that 100% of the data can be monitored
Deployment Fast deployment in 2-3 months with limited client time commitments
Maintenance Up to 30% reduction in maintenance costs with accurate predictions about impending problems
Monitoring 100% plant coverage of rotating and static equipment monitoring with high ROI
Return on Investment Fast ROI in 6 months with annual subscription pricing and low startup costs
Services Dedicated customer advocate to support any questions and drive business value

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About UptimeAI

UptimeAI is reinventing plant monitoring for heavy industries with their proprietary AI-based predictive maintenance software which offers expert-like intelligence at scale and fast ROI to avoid surprises and maximize profitability. With headquarters in the US and offices in Bangalore and San Francisco, UptimeAI works with some of the largest process plants globally to predict problems, explain root-cause, and give a prescriptive diagnosis, maximizing reliability, efficiency, and productivity. UptimeAI has been recognized across the Indian industrial ecosystem time and again by the Govt of India, NASSCOM, and Reliance Jio Accelerator for its innovation and value provided.

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