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AF-X Fireblocker

Extinguishing without the usage of water and or gas

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 14:29

AF-X Fireblocker fire extinguishing generators extinguish a fire without the usage of water or gas making the proces of installation or upon activation easier, cleaner, resulting in less damage by extinguishing itself and in the end making more affordable in total cost of ownership compared to conventional extinguishing systems. 


Better for the environment
No GWP or ODP contribution
Easier to install
Easier to maintain
Cheaper than traditional fire extinguishing methods
No water
Not harmfull to men and beast
Does not take away oxygen
Does not harm materials
Takes away sight after 2 or 3 meters


Areas of Application All areas that need to be protected against fire for what ever the reason
Capabilities Swift extinguishing at low cost with an easy installation with low maintenance over a lifespan of 15 years.
Certifications / licences Got worldwide certification 2019
Compatibility Compatible with most brands, Siemens, Honeywell, Kentec/Protec
Compliance In compliane with all international standards
Integration Easy to integrate in already existing fire alarm systems
Lifespan 15 years
Maintenance Low maintenance compared to others
Redundancy Always delivers, can not fail
Safety Provide safety against fire , not harmfull to men and beast

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About AF-X Systems

AF-X Systems is a specialist in aerosol fire extinguishing in the market for fire safety. We have developed a significantly better product than our competitors can offer.

The worldwide fire safety market is fundamentally attractive. There will always be fire. The market is large and consists of suppliers for whom it is difficult to follow this innovation. AF-X Systems can and will offer its distributors substantial advantages with an effective environmentally friendly and toxicologically clean product.

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