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Aerosol Recycling DS 1500

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Turnkey 100% Aerosol Recycling System

Page last modified
March 14 2023

The Despray 1500 and the Despray 500 are individually ATEX and CE certified systems. They are completely self-contained standalone aerosol recycling systems.The Despray 1500 is designed to target mid to large-scale waste management companies see that aerosol recycling as a niche market.

The Despray technology for aerosol recycling is unique. Both the DS 500 and DS 1500 systems are designed to recapture and recycle up to 100% of all liquids and metals gases from aerosol containers.

At Despray we just do not capture the aerosol propellants in a carbon filter base as a continuous waste stream. On the contrary, we capture the gas internally and recompress this gas back to a liquid state for 100% reuse as an alternative fuel. Nothing goes to atmosphere.

On top of this, the cans are crushed in a totally sealed oxygen free environment in a batch system. The cans do not need to be sorted by size. Virtually there is no operator interaction necessary other than loading the container and pressing the start button.

Both the DS 500 and the DS 1500 are fully automatic and fully incorporate safety interfaces and require very little operator training or expertise. It is important to note Despray is not just a can crusher that diverts gasses through a carbon filter back to atmosphere. Instead the Despray system is a highly intelligent, fully monitored closed-loop recycling system that actually recaptures the gas for full “waste-to-energy” use.


100% Recycling of Contents (Propellant + Container)
0% Waste into Landfills
0% Emissions Released into the Atmosphere
Explosion Proof Technology
"Turn Key" System
Can only process Aerosol Cans


Capabilities Aerosols, Inks, Oil Filters, Solvents, Varnish
Capacity Fillers: 0.500 cu metres/Hour | Recyclers: 1.5 cu metres/Hour
Output High BTU Liquid Fuel | Smelter Feed Stock | "Low Grade" Liquid Fuel
Speed Fillers: 160-1100 Cans/Hour | Recyclers: 500-3500 Cans/Hour
Weight Fillers: 2,540 kg | Recyclers: 3,700 kg

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About Despray Environmental

Despray Environmental is a privately owned and operated company based in the Netherlands. Over 35 years of machine building and aerosol recycling experience is at the base of the newest “stand-alone” systems. These newest systems can be installed and commissioned within five days on-site. That includes training.

+1 519 8201800
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