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Adjustable Cone Gas Flow Meter

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Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 13:00

Adjusta-Cone® is a unique natural gas flow meter, it is an adjustable differential pressure cone meter and a safe alternative to dual chamber orifice meters, which always release gas during every orifice plate change operation.

Dual chamber fittings are commonly used for well testing applications. They are hazardous to use, have limited operational envelopes and are prone to damage and leaks. They are expensive to maintain and are usually installed in a very tight space, in such a manner that their accuracy is compromised. Adjusta-Cone addresses all these disadvantages in a fully automatic, wide ranging and, most of all, completely safe device which needs no personnel intervention.


Being automatic, it allows you to more efficient use the personnel on site, reducing costs and lowering risk
Liquid does not build up across the meter, or in the impulse lines, causing erroneous or fluctuating flow rates
It decides when to change the range and does it automatically in a fraction of the time
It will start to read as soon as natural gas starts passing through the meter. There is no need to wait for stable conditions before lowering the orifice plate
Its extremely wide and dual range means that often one range will handle an entire well test, with many choke settings
Operators will no longer be needed to make orifice plate changes, as part of their routine operations
Less personnel are required in the well test team


Accuracy +/- 0.5% accuracy.
Automation Adjusta-Cone® automatically selects and shifts to the best flow range in a fraction of the time, so that it is always operating within its most accurate envelope. In doing so, it completely removes the need for personnel intervention.
Environment It uses differential pressure technology, which has been shown (ISO 5167 part V) to require less upstream straight lengths than orifice plates, so its footprint is up to 60% less than an equivalent orifice run.
Range Adjusta-Cone® has a 25:1 turndown ratio compared to an orifice plate’s 3:1 or 4:1. (250:1 when used across its entire operating pressure range).
Reporting Each Adjusta-Cone® is fitted with a state of the art flow computer, programmed with built in tables of calibration data, as well as meter’s physical dimensions.
Safety It does not release hazardous natural gas nor toxic H2S gas every time it is used, so is a safe alternative to a dual chamber orifice fitting.

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GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd was established in 2014 to offer a range of flow measurement services and products, to the oil and gas industry. No other company can offer the wide range of in depth knowledge of test and production separator flow meters, gas injection, water injection, produced water and general oilfield flow measurement. We also specialise in high pressure liquid and gas measurement including N2 measurement during coiled tubing applications.

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