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Accelerated Carbonation Technology

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A circular solution to industrial waste and CO2 capture

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May 5 2023

Carbon8 Systems’ Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), enables the safe and permanent storage of captured CO2 in products for the construction industry, while diverting residues from landfill. C8S delivers decarbonisation solutions, by converting CO2 and industrial residues into products with desirable performance characteristics for the construction industry.

The lightweight carbon negative aggregate, with various applications in construction, are valuable high-performing alternatives to natural aggregate and reduce the carbon footprint of any construction project. ​

The CO2ntainer is the realisation of the technology as a compact, mobile CCUS solution. It allows for frictionless transportation and implementation, avoiding disruption in production.​


Decarbonisation - NetZero ambition
Sustainable Waste Management - ZeroWaste ambition
Direct Cost Savings
Mobile and modular solution
Manufacture high-value low carbon products for construction industry
Circular Solution
CCUS and sustainable alternative building materials market are still new and emerging


Seamless integration Retrofittable into existing plant
Automation Technology can run in manual or fully automatic setting
Containerised System Technology is modular and is the size of 2 stacked regular shipping containers
Point source solution CO2 is captured directly from the flue stack

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Carbon8 Systems

Carbon8 Systems (C8S) is a global leader in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), specialising in mineralisation. C8S’ innovative solution, captures CO2 directly from the source to treat industrial residues, while manufacturing low carbon, and carbon negative products for the construction industry.

Through the containerised system – the CO2ntainer – C8S is in the unique position to deploy its carbon capture solution directly to a client’s site and capture CO2 from the source. The CO2ntainer is easy to transport, implement and does not disrupt production. It is the realisation of the award-winning Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), in a mobile and modular form.

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