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Double membrane roof for biogas installations and other purposes

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August 4 2023

The AB Cover is a innovative double membrane roof for storage of gas for biogas installations and other purposes. The cover consists of separately installed upper and lower membranes, which are manufactured from biaxial reinforced fabrics with a high-grade, chemically resistant PVC coating. AB Covers have an enormous gas storage capacity and are available for silos up to a diameter of approximately 40 metres. Operational pressures varying from 0 to 5 mbar and an under-pressure situation up to -1.5 mbar are no problem.


Gas storage volume at ø 25m is about 230% larger than in conventional designs
Lower membrane foil has 35% lower gas permeability
Easy accessibility for maintenance and overhaul activities
Lower silo load due to hemispherical construction
Low wind sensitivity and lower chance of snow accumulation due to stable construction
No condensed, corrosive liquid on the silo walls
Local snow and wind conditions can be a limitation


Storage Intallations for the storage of biogas.
Material UV-resistant biaxial foil.
Maintenance The AB Cover must be visually inspected at regular intervals.
Sizes Up to a storage volume of 12.000 m³.
Dimensions Diameters of up to Ø50 m.
Installation Installation will be done by our own crew.
Environment Solution for Alternative Energy / Green Energy.
Analysis A static analysis is a standard part of each project.

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More than 60 years Wiefferink B.V. focuses on processing flexible synthetic materials. We are one of the leading European specialists in manufacturing and marketing storage and covering solutions in flexible foil. Our main strength lies in the development and innovation of new solutions and products based on customer needs. We are widely active in the environmental and biogas branches.

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