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A cloud-based oil and gas specific 3D driven maintenance management system

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August 4 2023

4D Lizard, will improve efficiency, reduce cost and revolutionize maintenance for the tank storage industry. Actively monitor equipment and plan for future inspections or repairs using the 3D model as an interface, then by assigning values to assets this tool enables greater cost forecasting and analysis. 4D Lizard has the ability to slingshot petrochemical and storage tank maintenance management into the modern-day.


Cloud-based software
Ventral Hub allowing the collation of maintenance, operational, and project data
Mobile / Tablet Compatible
Detailed 3D Asset Reports
Developed specifically for the process industry
3D and P&ID Validation System
Unique 5 step asset location functionality
Autodesk File Compatible
Built-in P&ID mark up system
Limited functionality when installed locally


Areas of Application Oil and Gas | Chemical Storage | Pharmaceutical | Food | Process Industry.
Capabilities Asset, Document and Maintenance Management.
Compatibility 3D and 2D Autodesk Files.
Asset Management Greater and broader access to asset data across multiple systems.
Documentation Cloud-based document management with meta tagging.
CAD & BIM activities P&ID Mark up system.
Reporting Tie into these pre-existing systems allowing us to merge data to produce detailed reports.
Collaboration Cloud-based allowing greater accessibility for collaboration of data

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With over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector, A3D has provided engineering, design, draughting and surveying services across a whole spectrum of process and manufacturing industries. During 2012 we embarked on the 3D laser scanning / point cloud related technologies. It is now widely accepted that A3D is the established leader in 3D laser technologies within the process industry. Our enviable status is possible through working for so long within process industries and being able to fully appreciate our client’s challenges.

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