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Automation technology to track measured ship's movements

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August 4 2023

Our company’s automation technology allows operators to stay in control of a ship’s movements. As for all Frontier Automation control systems, it uses 3D machine vision to automatically detect and track in real time shipping vessels within range of a FPSO, other offshore platform, or onshore berths by providing information on critical distances to mooring infrastructure, on vessel speed, and on accurately measured vessel movement directions and orientations whilst moored. In contrast to competing system technology it reports not only on vessel sway, but also on vessel surge and heave, as well as on all 3 rotational parameters (roll, pitch, yaw). This can be utilized to automatically alarm on movement thresholds that may exceed safe (un-)loading for example.


Real time
Fully automated (no manual intervention)
Highly accurate measurements
Takes the guesswork out of safe loading monitoring
Reports on all vessel directions (X,Y,Z distances)
Reports on all vessel orientations (roll, pitch, yaw)
Marine grade explosion proof sensor housings resulting in ultra-long maintenance intervals
Suitable for remote operations
Excellent visualization options
An additional automation system to install and to integrate with other automation systems


Accuracy Due to our 3D image processing expertise our ship movement tracking is not only the most accurate on the market, it is also the most reliable.
Areas of Application Offshore or onshore ship loading facilities/vessel berths.
Capabilities Fully automated control software that does not need any manual intervention / personnel to monitor or act on it
Cargo handling 3DPortGuard facilitates safe cargo handling by reporting and alarming on excess ship movements.
Compliance Explosion proof sensors/sensor housings and laser safety. All LiDAR laser sensors used are Class 1 which makes them intrinsically eye safe.
Connectivity 3DPortGuard is an industrial automation system that can be fully connected to multiple users at remote locations.
Maintenance The system is designed to be installed at remote locations by using positive pressure custom engineered housings resulting in minimum maintenance.
Reporting Reporting of vessel movements is in real time, thanks to cutting edge autonomous vehicle grade 3D sensors and dedicated image processing software code.
Safe operating Our system facilitates safe loading or other operations in the vicinity of a facility or berth, and instantly reports on potentially catastrophic events such as a vessel breaking mooring.


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Frontier Automation is a technology and engineering company focused on the development and implementation of performance improving automation software based on 3-dimensional sensing instrumentation and industrial computer hardware. We specialize in the implementation of industrial project solutions using real time high precision and high resolution machine vision technologies.

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