3D Visualisation and Digital Twins

Using gaming technology

It is an immersive experience taking the user through a simulated preparation to perform a task. 3D Visualisation and Digital Twins help create virtual worlds connected to data to enhance understanding, communication and decision making. 3D visualisation can be utilised for:

  • Training & Simulations
  • Animations & fly-throughs
  • Real-time and historical data visualisation
  • Data Access
  • Maintenance Planning


Site familiarisation and complex process instruction
Site and operation overview flythroughs
Ability to create animations of existing or proposed workflow
Enhanced understanding
Increased knowledge retention
Remote operations
Reduces site visits
Requires accurate 3D models preferably


Areas of Application Operations | Maintenance
CAD & BIM activities Based of 3D models
Collaboration Multi-User environments
Digitisation Develop digital twins
Documentation 3D model used as a documentation access portal
Maintenance Visualisation of maintenance planning
Training Virtual Reality and e-Learning, learning by doing
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Maturity Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Sentient Computing

We are a Perth-based software development company which specialises in providing powerful and immersive VR Training, 3D Visualisations, Process Control and Automation Solutions for our clients in the Mining and Resources industries.

We take pride in our innovation and creativity, with a small, passionate and experienced team of engineers, developers and artists.


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