3D Pipe Engineering Design Software

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End-to-end 3D pipe engineering design software enabling clash free, multi-discipline collaboration

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August 4 2023

iSolve Easy Hanger, a robust 3D pipe & hanger support design software that helps manufacturers to automate the engineering parts design process with fully digital 3D digital catalogues. It enables designers & Engineers to simplify their design workflow process for manufacturing and assembling pipe & hanger support parts.

Our platform enables automatic bid preparation for work files like 3D/2D assembly parts, BOM, and work orders in the most cost-efficient manner. It prevents design re-work and errors by generating real-time bid amounts based on the selection of assembly parts with appropriate dimensions, pipe/hanger types, etc.

Centralized 3D engineering design software platform that integrates all process simulation and engineering (2D and 3D) design enabling clash-free multi-discipline collaborations. Our platform maximizes engineering & design efficiency to generate high-quality deliverables with less turnaround times.


Save time with predesigned catalogues.
100% increase in workflow efficiency to manage high volume inflow
Scalable system architecture to accomodate 100+ concurrent users
100% efficient pricing and quote generation
80% reduction in bidding cycle time and operating capital expenditure
100% accuracy in rules engine for validating the selection criteria
100% reliability and intelligent web platform with data sheet integration
100% interfacing capability with Plant Design System
Extraction of BOM data with 80% accuracy and integrity
Slightly on the expensive side for small scale organizations


Integrated Engineering & Design Pre-designed piping e-catalog with centralized data hub & automated pipe engineering workflows to simply design process
Easy Regulatory Compliance Automatic rule-based design production that meets all regulatory standard guidelines
Engineer to Order Seamless integration with predefined rules ensuring design integrity from the outset
Eliminate Errors Intelligent data generated using design rules ensures design integrity from the outset
Enhanced Design Efficiency Enable clash free multi-discipline 3D design platform to generate accurate deliverables for meeting demanding schedules
Low Turnaround Time Significant reduction of time taken to complete pipe engineering process

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