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Colorized 3D reconstruction 3D Point Cloud models

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April 11 2024

APIteq’s unique 3D photo scanner uses advanced 3D photo and 3D reconstruction technology to generate a precise 3D point cloud model. The scanning operation is conducted faster than conventional technology and the result is a 3D point cloud of higher quality and more cost efficient than laser scanning.

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Pros & Limitations
Precise high quality 3D Point Cloud in color
Facilitates remote inspections
Viewable directly in browser, no software needed
More cost efficient than laser scanning
Suitable for smaller areas
Complete installation scans can be comprehensive
Specification Title Specification Description
Down to 3mm
Down to +- 3mm
Hand held operated
Time used to scan
Less than 50 % of laser scanning
No software installation needed to view point clouds


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APIteq is the world leader of advanced 360° Visual Asset Management and 3D Photo Scanning to the Oil & Energy industry. Our trade mark is quality and customer focus. APIteq visualises your assets using our Digital Twin photo scanning technology, providing high quality 360° full spherical photos with built in 3D measurements, 3D models, all viewable in your browser.

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