3D Laser Scanning

Recording site assets in a fraction of time

Offering 3D Laser scanning, which is widely accepted as the fastest measured surveying method. Its ability to record up to 960k points per second up to a 1mm accuracy, enabling A3D to digitise site assets in a fraction of time traditional methods take. Due to its speed, recording your sites becomes incredibly fast and detailed, offering our clients considerable savings. With our range of bolt on applications A3D can offer tank analysis, 3D models, facilities management and plant videos.


Faster than traditional methods
Due to its speed its cost effective
Accurate +/- 1mm avoiding
Record up to 960k points per second
Widely applicable: tank analysis, 3D models, facilities management and plant videos
Safe; with a safe pulse laser, that allows persons to move in and around our survey areas
Not able to scan in rain


Areas of Application Laserscanning, 3D Spec Driven Model, Smart P&ID’s, 3D applications, 4D Lizard software.
ATEX certified The Laser scanner is not Atex certified. We carry out the work with a hot work permit.
CAD & BIM activities Our Draughtsman use Autodesk products alongside engineering experience.
Capabilities Capturing an entire sites data accurately +/- 1mm.
Certifications / licences AutoCAD licence.
Compliance Aligning compliance process facilities for compliance record and as-built documentation.
In-service inspection possible Laser Scanning is a line of site instrument which can be used while services are running.
Measurement Site measurements can be made from Web share.
Speed Compared to traditional methods laser scanning is faster and more accurate.
Usability We use Autodesk packages which most operators are familiar with.

About Advanced 3D Laser Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector, A3D has provided engineering, design, draughting and surveying services across a whole spectrum of process and manufacturing industries. During 2012 we embarked on the 3D laser scanning / point cloud related technologies. It is now widely accepted that A3D is the established leader in 3D laser technologies within the process industry. Our enviable status is possible through working for so long within process industries and being able to fully appreciate our client’s challenges.

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